Dixie Bird Soap Works LLC’s Story

How I started making soap.

     I started making melt and pour soap for fun. I liked it, but, soon found out that I wanted to do more. As I was researching how to do more with melt and pour I very soon found cold process soap. I loved the cold process soaps that I found in my research, they were so beautiful, but, me being me, I did not want to wait the 4-8 weeks to be able to use what I made. So I did some more research and found hot process soap, then soon after fluid hot process soap. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, read a lot of online articles and purchased and read a few books. Then I tried my very first recipe for fluid hot process soap and fell in love. Once we (my husband and I used it, what can I say we will never use store bought mass produced chemical laden soap ever again.

     So over time, I have worked on my technique and my recipes, I have developed a few that I liked, so I shared my soaps with some friends and family and they also loved it. So, after much thought and discussion with my husband, I decided to start “Dixie Bird Soap Works LLC”.

My company’s name.

      Yup, the name is long but means a great deal to me. So a little back story on how that long name came about. We have had a Jack Russell Terrier in our house for the last 20 plus years.  We lost our first jack after having her for almost 19 years, we were heartbroken. Our house was just not right without the sound of little paws running through our house. So we looked at many breeders, found one that we wanted a little one from, but call it fate or destiny the litter did not happen. We then saw a 15-year old that was surrendered to a kill shelter because he was old, and we just had to have him. We drove to a rescue center just outside of Rhinebeck NY and came home with our little man. We had him for just 9 short months before we lost him, almost a year to the day after losing our first jack. I did not want to go through the heartbreak of losing another dog, I was totally  against looking for another dog. But my husband talked me into it. So after much looking at all the jacks on rescueme.com I came across Dixie. Once seeing her I couldn’t resist. So this time we drove to New Jersey and came back with her.  We have loved all our jacks very much but there is just something about our Dixie Bird she is by far the sweetest one we have had, and she filled a great big hole I didn’t realize I had in my heart.  Sorry about that long explanation of how the name “Dixie Bird Soap Works LLC” came about. But that is how it happened.

My products.

     So a little about my soap, like I stated earlier I use a method called fluid hot process, the process has been around for a very long time, even though there is many that say that they developed the process. I have purchased many books by different authors on this process and have adapted from this research a process and some recipes of my own.

     My soaps are meant to be used, so, if you look at them and think oh they are too pretty to use, PLEASE DON’T!, PLEASE USE THEM!, you will never forget the first time. LOL. While using one of “those” store bought soaps you will never realize that you do not feel truly clean until you use a soap that is not laden with all kinds of nasty chemicals. So, slowly I am starting to make some new products. I have been working on a lotion bar, lip balm, wax tart melts, bath bombs, I even have gender reveal bath bombs, bath salts, liquid soap, aroma bead air fresheners, and even some diffuser recipes.  All my products are handcrafted and limited edition-no two ever look the same even if made with the same recipe. I use different things to color my soap from micas to plant-based powders, to scent my soap I use fragrance or essential oils.

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